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Lamond Murray Basketball Card Checklist

Total cards: 123
Lamond Murray Autograph
YearSetCard #
1994Collector's Choice 322
1994Collector's Choice 383
1994Collector's Choice 412
1994Collector's Choice Crash Rookies9
1994Collector's Choice Silver322
1994Collector's Choice Silver383
1994Collector's Choice Silver412
1994Finest 289
1994Finest Rack Pack4
1994Finest Refractors289
1994Flair 235
1994Flair Wave of the Future8
1994Fleer 300
1994Hoops 333
1994SkyBox 239
1994SkyBox Emotion42
1994SkyBox Emotion107
1994SP 7
1994Stadium Club 220
1994Stadium Club First Day220
1994Stadium Club Super Teams Finals220
1994Topps 262
1994Topps Embossed107
1994Topps Embossed Gold107
1994Topps Spectralight262
1994Ultra 264
1994Upper Deck SP Championship73
1994Upper Deck SP Championship Die-Cuts73
1994Upper Deck SP Die-Cuts7
1994Upper Deck Special Edition Gold128
1995Collector's Choice 107
1995Collector's Choice 208
1995Collector's Choice 332
1995Collector's Choice Crash Assists/Rebounds10
1995Collector's Choice Crash Assists/Rebounds Gold10
1995Collector's Choice Crash Scoring7
1995Collector's Choice Crash Scoring Gold7
1995Collector's Choice Players Club107
1995Collector's Choice Players Club208
1995Collector's Choice Players Club332
1995Collector's Choice Players Club Platinum107
1995Collector's Choice Players Club Platinum208
1995Collector's Choice Players Club Platinum332
1995Finest 6
1995Finest Refractors6
1995Flair 60
1995Fleer 82
1995Hoops 72
1995Jam Session 47
1995Jam Session Die Cuts47
1995Metal 47
1995Metal Silver Spotlight47
1995SkyBox 53
1995SkyBox 128
1995SP 59
1995Stadium Club 43
1995Topps 148
1995Topps Gallery36
1995Topps Gallery Private Issue36
1995Ultra 79
1995Ultra Gold79
1995Upper Deck 197
1995Upper Deck Electric Court197
1995Upper Deck Electric Court Gold197
1995Upper Deck SP Championship47
1995Upper Deck Special Edition37
1995Upper Deck Special Edition Gold37
1995Upper Deck SPx Gold23
1996Collector's Choice 71
1996Hoops 214
1996Upper Deck 54
1997Collector's Choice 262
1997Collector's Choice Miniatures12
1997Collector's Choice Starquest107
1997Fleer 254
1997Fleer Crystal Collection254
1997Fleer Tiffany Collection254
1997Hoops 252
1997SkyBox 177
1997SkyBox Star Rubies175
1997Stadium Club 112
1997Stadium Club First Day112
1997Stadium Club One of a Kind112
1997Ultra 208
1997Ultra Gold208
1997Ultra Platinum208
1997Upper Deck 54
1997Upper Deck SP Authentic64
1998Finest 74
1998Finest No-Protector74
1998Finest Refractors74
1998Finest Refractors No-Protector74
1998Fleer 74
1998Fleer Classic 6174
1998Fleer Vintage 6174
1998Hoops 73
1998Metal Precious Metal Gems43
1998SkyBox 35
1998SkyBox Star Rubies35
1998SkyBox Thunder19
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