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Sean Elliott Basketball Card Checklist

Total cards: 189
Sean Elliott Autograph
YearSetCard #
1990Fleer 171
1990Hoops 267
1990SkyBox 256
1991Fleer 185
1991Hoops 190
1991Hoops 526
1991SkyBox 256
1991Upper Deck 287
1992Fleer 204
1992Fleer 271
1992Hoops 207
1992SkyBox 221
1992Stadium Club 65
1992Topps Archives Gold121
1993Finest 37
1993Finest Refractors37
1993Fleer 192
1993Fleer 281
1993Hoops 199
1993Hoops 271
1993Hoops 331
1993Stadium Club First Day203
1993Stadium Club Super Teams203
1993Topps 196
1993Topps 229
1993Topps Gold196
1993Topps Gold229
1993Ultra 61
1993Ultra 242
1993Upper Deck 416
1993Upper Deck Pro View65
1993Upper Deck SE50
1993Upper Deck SE Electric Court50
1993Upper Deck SE Electric Court Gold50
1994Collector's Choice 273
1994Collector's Choice Silver273
1994Finest 82
1994Finest Refractors82
1994Flair 134
1994Fleer 66
1994Fleer 366
1994Hoops 58
1994Hoops 370
1994Jam Session 171
1994SkyBox 48
1994SkyBox 281
1994SkyBox Emotion88
1994SP 148
1994Stadium Club 313
1994Stadium Club First Day313
1994Stadium Club Super Teams Finals313
1994Topps 180
1994Topps Embossed86
1994Topps Embossed Gold86
1994Topps Spectralight180
1994Ultra 171
1994Upper Deck SP Championship121
1994Upper Deck SP Championship Die-Cuts121
1994Upper Deck SP Die-Cuts148
1994Upper Deck Special Edition Gold168
1995Collector's Choice 252
1995Collector's Choice 389
1995Collector's Choice Players Club252
1995Collector's Choice Players Club389
1995Collector's Choice Players Club Platinum252
1995Collector's Choice Players Club Platinum389
1995Finest 11
1995Finest Hot Stuff5
1995Finest Refractors11
1995Flair 122
1995Fleer 168
1995Hoops 146
1995Hoops 370
1995Jam Session 95
1995Jam Session Die Cuts95
1995Metal 97
1995Metal Silver Spotlight97
1995SkyBox 108
1995SkyBox E-XL73
1995SkyBox E-XL Blue73
1995SP 119
1995Stadium Club 75
1995Topps 122
1995Topps Gallery117
1995Topps Gallery Private Issue117
1995Ultra 162
1995Ultra 308
1995Ultra Gold162
1995Upper Deck 60
1995Upper Deck Electric Court60
1995Upper Deck Electric Court Gold60
1995Upper Deck SP Championship94
1995Upper Deck Special Edition161
1995Upper Deck Special Edition Gold161
1996Bowman's Best 60
1996Bowman's Best Atomic Refractors60
1996Bowman's Best Refractors60
1996Bowman's Best Retro Refractors3
1996Collector's Choice 140
1996Collector's Choice Crash 124
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