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Frank Thomas Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 3953
Frank Thomas Autograph
YearSetCard #
1957Topps Regular Issue140
1965Topps Regular Issue123
1981TCMA Vancouver Canadiens6
1982TCMA Vancouver Canadiens2
1983TCMA El Paso Diablos22
1990Bowman Regular Issue320
1990Fleer Update87
1990Leaf 300
1990Score 663
1990Score Traded86
1990Topps Regular Issue414
1991Bowman Regular Issue366
1991Classic Series 228
1991Donruss Elite18
1991Donruss Regular Issue477
1991Donruss Showdown40
1991Fleer 138
1991Fleer Ultra85
1991Leaf 281
1991O Pee Chee 121
1991Score 840
1991Score 874
1991Score Hot Rookies4
1991Stadium Club 57
1991Topps Autograph283
1991Topps Regular Issue79
1991Upper Deck Regular246
1992Donruss Diamond Kings8
1992Donruss Grand Slammers12
1992Donruss Regular Issue592
1992Donruss Triple Play206
1992Fleer 100
1992Fleer 701
1992Fleer 712
1992Fleer All-Stars11
1992Fleer Citgo2
1992Fleer Ultra44
1992Fleer Ultra All-Stars9
1992Leaf 349
1992Leaf Gold349
1992Leaf Preview16
1992Leaf Studio159
1992Leaf Studio Preview18
1992O Pee Chee 59
1992Pinnacle Team3
1992Score 505
1992Score 893
1992Stadium Club 301
1992Stadium Club 591
1992Topps Gold555
1992Topps Gold Winner555
1992Topps Kids99
1992Topps Regular Issue555
1992Upper Deck Final10
1992Upper Deck Homerun Heroes8
1992Upper Deck MVP Holograms52
1992Upper Deck Regular166
1992Upper Deck Ted Williams Best19
1993Action Packed All-Star Gallery77
1993Action Packed All-Star Gallery77
1993Fleer 210
1993Fleer All-Stars1
1993Fleer Flair189
1993Fleer Flair189
1993Fleer Team Leaders5
1993Fleer Ultra181
1993Fleer Ultra All-Stars19
1993Fleer Ultra Performers10
1993Leaf 195
1993Leaf Fast Track1
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert1
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert2
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert3
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert4
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert5
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert6
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert7
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert8
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert9
1993Leaf Frank Thomas Insert10
1993Leaf Gold Leaf All-Stars12
1993Leaf Studio139
1993Leaf Studio Frank Thomas1
1993Leaf Studio Frank Thomas2
1993Leaf Studio Frank Thomas3
1993Leaf Studio Frank Thomas4
1993Leaf Studio Frank Thomas5
1993Leaf Studio Heritage8
1993Leaf Studio Silhouettes1
1993Leaf Studio Superstars on Canvas6
1993O Pee Chee Gold Borders1
1993O Pee Chee Premiere1
1993O Pee Chee Premiere Gold Borders1
1993O Pee Chee Premiere Performers1
1993Pinnacle 108
1993Pinnacle Slugfest9
1993Score 3
1993Score 510
1993Score 541
1993Score Franchise4
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