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Calvin Reese Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 47
Calvin Reese Autograph
YearSetCard #
1991Classic Best Minor League412
1991Classic Draft Picks16
1992Classic Minor League59
1992Stadium Club Dome151
1992Topps Gold714
1992Topps Gold Winner714
1992Topps Regular Issue714
1992Upper Deck Minor League70
1992Upper Deck Minor League226
1993Classic Best Minor League248
1993Classic Minor League248
1993Classic Minor League Gold189
1993Fleer Excel28
1993Fleer Excel28
1994Bowman Best Blue Refractor9
1994Bowman Best Red9
1994Bowman Regular Issue270
1994Bowman Regular Issue355
1994Topps Gold278
1994Topps Regular Issue278
1995Bowman Best Blue24
1995Bowman Gold Foil44
1995Bowman Regular Issue264
1995Topps Regular Issue171
1996Bowman Finest Atomic Refractors12
1996Bowman Finest Preview12
1996Bowman Finest Refractors12
1996Bowman Gold Foil200
1996Bowman Regular Issue200
1997Bowman Best119
1997Bowman Best Atomic Refractors119
1997Bowman Best Refractors119
1997Bowman Certified Autographs Black64
1997Bowman Certified Autographs Blue64
1997Bowman Certified Autographs Gold64
1997Bowman Chrome155
1997Bowman Chrome International155
1997Bowman Chrome International Refractors155
1997Bowman Chrome Reprints155
1997Bowman International155
1997Bowman Regular Issue155
1997Donruss Signature Autograph82
1997Donruss Signature Autograph Melinimum101
1997Donruss Signature Autogtaph Century101
1997Topps Stars Future All-Stars11
2001Topps Archives Future Rookies Reprints12
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