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Andy Pettitte Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 1031
Andy Pettitte Autograph
YearSetCard #
1992Classic Minor League286
1993Classic Minor League Gold117
1993Fleer Excel214
1993Fleer Excel214
1994Bowman Regular Issue493
1994Classic Minor League All-Star28
1994Fleer Excel111
1995Bowman Best Blue50
1995Bowman Gold Foil37
1995Bowman Regular Issue257
1995Fleer Excel101
1995Fleer Flair287
1995Fleer Update27
1995Stadium Club 565
1995Stadium Club 1st Day565
1995Stadium Club Members Only565
1995Topps Regular Issue640
1995Upper Deck Minor League176
1995Upper Deck Minor League Future Shock176
1996Bowman Best Atomic Refractors24
1996Bowman's Best Refractors24
1996Donruss Press Proofs74
1996Donruss Pure Power74
1996Donruss Regular Issue74
1996Emotion XL93
1996Fleer 194
1996Fleer Circa68
1996Fleer Circa Rave68
1996Fleer Flair134
1996Fleer Metal92
1996Fleer Metal Universe Platinum92
1996Fleer Mining for Gold11
1996Fleer Rookie Sensations14
1996Fleer Tiffany194
1996Fleer Ultra104
1996Fleer Ultra Gold Medalion104
1996Leaf 185
1996Leaf Limited Gold81
1996Leaf Preferred72
1996Leaf Preferred Proofs72
1996Leaf Press Proofs Bronze185
1996Leaf Press Proofs Gold185
1996Leaf Signature Extended Autographs158
1996Leaf Signature Extended Autographs Century Marks23
1996Leaf Signature Gold Press Proofs54
1996Leaf Signature Platinum Press Proofs54
1996Leaf Signatures54
1996Leaf Signatures Bronze54
1996Leaf Signatures Gold54
1996Leaf Signatures Silver54
1996Leaf Silver Press Proofs185
1996Pacific Crown Collection371
1996Panini Stickers 152
1996Panini Stickers 242
1996Pinacle Zenith88
1996Pinnacle 103
1996Pinnacle 291
1996Pinnacle Foil291
1996Pinnacle Zenith Artists Proofs88
1996Score Select103
1996Score Select Artists Proofs103
1996Score Select Certified91
1996Score Select Certified Artist's Proofs91
1996Score Select Certified Certified Blue91
1996Score Select Certified Certified Red91
1996Score Select Certified Mirror Blue91
1996Score Select Certified Mirror Gold91
1996Score Select Certified Mirror Red91
1996Stadium Club 436
1996Stadium Club Members Only50
1996Team Out 63
1996Topps Finest122
1996Topps Finest Refractors122
1996Topps Gallery104
1996Topps Gallery Private Issue104
1996Topps Regular Issue378
1996Topps Stadium Club Extreme Players Bronze436
1996Topps Stadium Club Extreme Players Gold436
1996Topps Stadium Club Extreme Players Silver436
1996Topps Stadium Club Members Only Parallel436
1996Upper Deck Collector's Choice234
1996Upper Deck Collectors Choice Gold234
1996Upper Deck Collectors Choice Silver234
1996Upper Deck Regular144
1996Upper Deck SP130
1997Bowman Best21
1997Bowman Best Atomic Refractors21
1997Bowman Best Refractors21
1997Bowman Chrome72
1997Bowman Chrome International72
1997Bowman Chrome International Refractors72
1997Bowman Chrome Refractors72
1997Bowman Chrome Reprints72
1997Bowman International248
1997Bowman Regular Issue248
1997Cracker Jack 16
1997Donruss Diamond Kings7
1997Donruss Elite14
1997Donruss Elite Gold14
1997Donruss Gold Press Proofs82
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