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Bill Krueger Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 49
Bill Krueger Autograph
YearSetCard #
1981Chong Modesto A's9
1981Chong Modesto A's9
1982TCMA West Haven A's7
1984Cramer Tuscon Toros84
1984Fleer 450
1984Topps Regular Issue178
1985Donruss Regular Issue467
1985Fleer 428
1985Topps Regular Issue528
1986Donruss Regular Issue298
1986Fleer 424
1986Topps Regular Issue58
1987Topps Regular Issue238
1990Fleer 328
1990Leaf 421
1990Score 366
1990Topps Regular Issue518
1991Bowman Regular Issue248
1991Donruss Regular Issue647
1991Fleer 588
1991Fleer Ultra Update52
1991Fleer Update54
1991Score 598
1991Topps Regular Issue417
1991Topps Traded70
1992Donruss Regular Issue672
1992Fleer 285
1992Fleer Ultra397
1992Leaf 477
1992Leaf Gold477
1992Score 253
1992Stadium Club 861
1992Topps Gold368
1992Topps Gold Winner368
1992Topps Regular Issue368
1992Topps Traded61
1992Topps Traded Gold61
1992Upper Deck Regular403
1992Upper Deck Regular781
1993Fleer Final Edition211
1993Fleer Ultra552
1993Leaf 348
1993O Pee Chee 38
1993Pinnacle 547
1993Upper Deck Regular530
1994Donruss Regular Issue252
1994Fleer 138
1994Topps Gold552
1994Topps Regular Issue552
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