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Jeff Huson Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 49
Jeff Huson Autograph
YearSetCard #
1990Donruss Rookies11
1990Fleer 350
1990Fleer Update123
1990Leaf 285
1990Score 615
1990Score Dream Team7
1990Score Traded41
1990Topps Regular Issue72
1990Topps Traded45
1990Upper Deck Regular434
1990Upper Deck Regular788
1991Bowman Regular Issue273
1991Donruss Regular Issue305
1991Fleer 289
1991Fleer Ultra349
1991Leaf 134
1991Score 263
1991Stadium Club 160
1991Topps Regular Issue756
1991Upper Deck Regular195
1992Donruss Regular Issue456
1992Fleer 308
1992Fleer Ultra133
1992Leaf 251
1992Leaf Gold251
1992Score 466
1992Stadium Club 341
1992Topps Gold314
1992Topps Gold Winner314
1992Topps Regular Issue314
1992Upper Deck Regular196
1993Fleer 324
1993Fleer Ultra280
1993Leaf 137
1993Stadium Club 281
1993Stadium Club 1st Day281
1993Topps Gold Inserts143
1993Topps Regular Issue143
1993Upper Deck Regular289
1994Donruss Regular Issue432
1996Baltimore Orioles Postcards16
1996Leaf Signature Extended Autographs87
1997Police Milwaukee Brewers10
1998Pacific Omega Online Red688
1998Pacific Omega Online Web Cards688
1998Pacific Online688
1998Pacific Online Gold Foil688
2000MLB Showdown Unlimited8
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