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Rickey Henderson Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 1331
Rickey Henderson Autograph
YearSetCard #
1980Topps Regular Issue482
1981Donruss Regular Issue119
1981Fleer 351
1981Fleer 574
1981Topps Regular Issue4
1981Topps Regular Issue261
1982Donruss Regular Issue113
1982Fleer 92
1982Fleer 643
1982Topps Regular Issue156
1982Topps Regular Issue164
1982Topps Regular Issue610
1983Donruss Regular Issue11
1983Donruss Regular Issue35
1983Fleer 519
1983Fleer 639
1983Fleer 646
1983Topps Regular Issue2
1983Topps Regular Issue180
1983Topps Regular Issue391
1983Topps Regular Issue531
1983Topps Regular Issue704
1984Donruss Regular Issue54
1984Fleer 447
1984Topps Regular Issue2
1984Topps Regular Issue134
1984Topps Regular Issue156
1984Topps Regular Issue230
1985Donruss Regular Issue176
1985Fleer 425
1985Fleer 629
1985Fleer Update51
1985Topps Regular Issue115
1985Topps Regular Issue706
1985Topps Traded49
1986Donruss Regular Issue51
1986Fleer 108
1986Fleer All-Stars7
1986Topps Regular Issue500
1986Topps Regular Issue716
1987Donruss Regular Issue228
1987Fleer 101
1987Fleer Headliners4
1987Topps Regular Issue311
1987Topps Regular Issue406
1987Topps Regular Issue735
1988Classic Blue234
1988Donruss Regular Issue277
1988Fleer 209
1988Score 13
1988Starting Lineup Regular
1988Topps Regular Issue60
1989Bowman Regular Issue181
1989Classic Light Blue50
1989Donruss Regular Issue245
1989Fleer 254
1989Fleer Update54
1989Score 70
1989Score 657
1989Score Traded50
1989Starting Lineup CooperstownNNO
1989Starting Lineup RegularNNO
1989Topps Regular Issue380
1989Topps Traded48
1989Upper Deck Regular210
1990Bowman Regular Issue457
1990Fleer 10
1990Fleer World Series11
1990Leaf 84
1990Leaf 160
1990Score 360
1990Score 686
1990Score 698
1990Topps Regular Issue7
1990Topps Regular Issue450
1990Upper Deck Regular334
1991Bowman Regular Issue213
1991Bowman Regular Issue371
1991Bowman Regular Issue692
1991Classic Series 275
1991Donruss Elite7
1991Donruss Regular Issue53
1991Donruss Regular Issue387
1991Donruss Regular Issue648
1991Donruss Regular Issue761
1991Donruss Showdown104
1991Fleer 10
1991Fleer All-Stars6
1991Fleer Ultra248
1991Fleer Ultra393
1991Fleer Ultra Gold5
1991Leaf 101
1991Leaf Gold Leaf26
1991O Pee Chee 62
1991Score 10
1991Score 397
1991Score 857
1991Score 875
1991Score 890
1991Score 895
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