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Bob Hamelin Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 119
Bob Hamelin Autograph
YearSetCard #
1990Bowman Regular Issue379
1990Upper Deck Regular45
1991Bowman Regular Issue310
1992Fleer 672
1993Classic Best Minor League198
1993Classic Minor League198
1994Bowman Regular Issue143
1994Donruss Regular Issue435
1994Fleer Extra Bases90
1994Fleer Extra Bases Rookies7
1994Fleer Flair58
1994Fleer Ultra64
1994Fleer Update48
1994Leaf 363
1994Leaf Gold Leaf Rookies11
1994Leaf Limited39
1994Leaf Limited Rookie Phenoms2
1994Stadium Club 294
1994Stadium Club 626
1994Stadium Club 1st Day294
1994Stadium Club 1st Day626
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow294
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow626
1994Stadium Club Members Only294
1994Stadium Club Members Only626
1994Topps Finest110
1994Topps Finest Refractors110
1994Topps Gold769
1994Topps Regular Issue769
1994Upper Deck Collector's Choice393
1994Upper Deck Electric Diamond249
1994Upper Deck Regular249
1995Bazooka 46
1995Bowman Regular Issue381
1995Donruss Pure Power520
1995Donruss Regular Issue520
1995eTopps 117
1995Fleer 160
1995Fleer 2nd Year Standouts5
1995Fleer Award Winners5
1995Fleer Flair46
1995Fleer Rookie Sensations7
1995Fleer Team Leaders7
1995Fleer Ultra57
1995Fleer Ultra 2nd Season Phenoms Gold5
1995Fleer Ultra All-Rookies4
1995Fleer Ultra Award Winners23
1995Fleer Ultra Award Winners23
1995Fleer Ultra Gold Medalion57
1995Fleer Ultra Rookies Gold4
1995Leaf 198
1995Leaf Limited51
1995Leaf Studio30
1995Pacific Crown Collection203
1995Pacific Crown Collection Marquee Prism8
1995Pacific Crown Collection Prism64
1995Stadium Club 79
1995Stadium Club 1st Day79
1995Stadium Club Clear Cut14
1995Stadium Club Members Only79
1995Stadium Club Video Replay49
1995Topps Bazooka46
1995Topps Embossed Golden Idol117
1995Topps Finest11
1995Topps Finest Power Kings1
1995Topps Finest Refractors11
1995Topps Regular Issue143
1995Topps Spectra Cyberstats87
1995Upper Deck Collector's Choice393
1995Upper Deck Collectors Choice Gold393
1995Upper Deck Collectors Choice Silver393
1995Upper Deck Electric Diamond180
1995Upper Deck Electric Diamond Gold180
1995Upper Deck Regular180
1995Upper Deck SE Gold187
1995Upper Deck Special Edition Inserts187
1996Donruss Press Proofs190
1996Donruss Pure Power190
1996Donruss Regular Issue190
1996Fleer 129
1996Fleer Flair90
1996Fleer Tiffany129
1996Fleer Ultra355
1996Leaf 53
1996Leaf Press Proofs Bronze53
1996Leaf Press Proofs Gold53
1996Leaf Silver Press Proofs53
1996Pacific Crown Collection324
1996Pinnacle 289
1996Pinnacle Foil289
1996Police Kansas City Royals10
1996Upper Deck Collector's Choice571
1996Upper Deck Collectors Choice Gold571
1996Upper Deck Collectors Choice Silver571
1997Best Toledo Mud Hens18
1997Detroit Tigers Postcards10
1997Hebrew National Detroit Tigers26
1997Pacific Crown Collection101
1997Pacific Crown Collection Silver Parallel101
1997Pacific Light Blue101
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