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Eric Davis Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 517
Eric Davis Autograph
YearSetCard #
1959Topps Regular Issue301
1960Topps Regular Issue39
1961Topps Regular Issue358
1962Topps Regular Issue452
1963Topps Regular Issue139
1982TCMA Cedar Rapids Reds20
1983TCMA Waterbury Reds15
1984Rock's Dugout Wichita Aeros15
1985Donruss Regular Issue325
1985Fleer 533
1985Topps Regular Issue627
1986Donruss Regular Issue164
1986Fleer 175
1986Topps Regular Issue28
1987Donruss Regular Issue22
1987Donruss Regular Issue265
1987Fleer 198
1987Topps Regular Issue412
1988Classic Blue201
1988Classic Blue213
1988Classic Red154
1988Donruss Bonus Cards2
1988Donruss Regular Issue369
1988Fleer 231
1988Fleer 637
1988Fleer All-Stars7
1988Score 10
1988Score 649
1988Starting Lineup Regular
1988Topps Regular Issue150
1989Bowman Regular Issue316
1989Classic Light Blue9
1989Classic Orange109
1989Donruss Regular Issue80
1989Fleer 158
1989Fleer 639
1989Score 109
1989Starting Lineup CooperstownNNO
1989Starting Lineup RegularNNO
1989Topps Regular Issue111
1989Topps Regular Issue330
1989Upper Deck Regular410
1989Upper Deck Regular688
1990Bowman Regular Issue58
1990Fleer 417
1990Leaf 189
1990Score 185
1990Topps Regular Issue260
1990Topps Regular Issue402
1990Upper Deck Regular116
1991Bowman Regular Issue686
1991Donruss Regular Issue84
1991Donruss Showdown162
1991Donruss Studio Previews11
1991Fleer 61
1991Fleer Provisions10
1991Fleer Ultra91
1991Leaf 37
1991O Pee Chee 29
1991Score 137
1991Score 403
1991Score 669
1991Score 696
1991Score 863
1991Stadium Club 37
1991Topps Regular Issue550
1991Upper Deck Regular355
1992Donruss Regular Issue503
1992Fleer 403
1992Fleer Ultra503
1992Fleer Update90
1992Leaf 430
1992Leaf Gold430
1992Leaf Studio43
1992O Pee Chee 129
1992Score 44
1992Stadium Club 660
1992Topps Gold610
1992Topps Gold Winner610
1992Topps Kids38
1992Topps Regular Issue610
1992Topps Traded26
1992Topps Traded Gold26
1992Upper Deck Final20
1992Upper Deck Regular125
1992Upper Deck Regular756
1993Fleer 445
1993Fleer Ultra53
1993Leaf 267
1993Pinnacle 429
1993Score 570
1993Score Select91
1993Score Select Rookie//Traded92
1993Stadium Club 381
1993Stadium Club 1st Day381
1993Topps Finest126
1993Topps Finest Refractors126
1993Topps Gold Inserts745
1993Topps Regular Issue745
1993Upper Deck Regular595
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