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Roberto Clemente Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 612
Roberto Clemente Autograph
YearSetCard #
1955Topps Regular Issue164
1956Topps Regular Issue33
1959Topps Regular Issue543
1960Bazooka 18
1961Topps Regular Issue41
1962Bazooka NNO
1963Bazooka 14
1963Fleer 56
1963Stamps NNO
1964Bazooka 14
1964Bazooka ?NNO
1964Coin 55
1964Coin 150
1965 NNO
1965Bazooka 14
1966Bazooka 26
1967Bazooka 26
1967Pinnacle Starburst6
1967Pinnacle Starburst27
19683D NNO
1968Bazooka NNO
1968Player Posters 6
1968Topps Regular Issue3
1968Topps Regular Issue242
1969Deckle 27
1969Summit Positions58
1970Player Posters 21
1970Supers 12
1970Topps Regular Issue350
1971Bazooka UnnumberedNNO
1971Coin 71
1971Supers 37
1971Tattoos 10
1971Topps Regular Issue630
1972Cloth Stickers NNO
1972Player Posters 23
1972Topps Regular Issue309
1972Topps Regular Issue310
1973Topps Regular Issue50
1987Donruss Regular Issue612
1987Topps Regular Issue313
1993Action Packed All-Star Gallery119
1993Action Packed All-Star Gallery119
1993Ted Williams Clemente1
1993Ted Williams Clemente2
1993Ted Williams Clemente3
1993Ted Williams Clemente4
1993Ted Williams Clemente5
1993Ted Williams Clemente6
1993Ted Williams Clemente7
1993Ted Williams Clemente8
1993Ted Williams Clemente9
1993Ted Williams Clemente10
1997St. Vincent HOF Heroes Stamps6
1998Starting Lineup CooperstownNNO
1998Topps Chrome21
1998Topps Chrome Refractors21
1998Topps Clemente1
1998Topps Clemente2
1998Topps Clemente3
1998Topps Clemente4
1998Topps Clemente5
1998Topps Clemente6
1998Topps Clemente7
1998Topps Clemente8
1998Topps Clemente9
1998Topps Clemente10
1998Topps Clemente11
1998Topps Clemente12
1998Topps Clemente13
1998Topps Clemente14
1998Topps Clemente15
1998Topps Clemente16
1998Topps Clemente17
1998Topps Clemente18
1998Topps Clemente19
1998Topps Clemente Finest1
1998Topps Clemente Finest2
1998Topps Clemente Finest3
1998Topps Clemente Finest4
1998Topps Clemente Finest5
1998Topps Clemente Finest6
1998Topps Clemente Finest7
1998Topps Clemente Finest8
1998Topps Clemente Finest9
1998Topps Clemente Finest10
1998Topps Clemente Finest11
1998Topps Clemente Finest12
1998Topps Clemente Finest13
1998Topps Clemente Finest14
1998Topps Clemente Finest15
1998Topps Clemente Finest16
1998Topps Clemente Finest17
1998Topps Clemente Finest18
1998Topps Clemente Finest19
1998Topps Clemente Finest Refractors1
1998Topps Clemente Finest Refractors2
1998Topps Clemente Finest Refractors3
1998Topps Clemente Finest Refractors4
1998Topps Clemente Finest Refractors5
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