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Tom Candiotti Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 178
Tom Candiotti Autograph
YearSetCard #
1984Cramer Vancouver Canadians32
1984Donruss Regular Issue393
1984Fleer 197
1984Topps Regular Issue262
1986Fleer Update18
1986Topps Traded18
1987Donruss Regular Issue342
1987Fleer 248
1987Topps Regular Issue463
1988Donruss Regular Issue377
1988Fleer 604
1988Score 595
1988Topps Regular Issue123
1989Bowman Regular Issue80
1989Donruss Regular Issue256
1989Fleer 399
1989Score 239
1989Topps Regular Issue599
1989Upper Deck Regular470
1990Bowman Regular Issue324
1990Fleer 488
1990Leaf 55
1990Score 269
1990Topps Regular Issue743
1990Upper Deck Regular388
1991Bowman Regular Issue62
1991Donruss Regular Issue115
1991Donruss Showdown132
1991Fleer 364
1991Fleer Ultra109
1991Fleer Ultra Update59
1991Fleer Update64
1991Leaf 79
1991Score 488
1991Score Traded31
1991Stadium Club 405
1991Topps Regular Issue624
1991Topps Traded18
1991Upper Deck Regular218
1992Donruss Regular Issue459
1992Fleer 326
1992Fleer Ultra501
1992Fleer Update89
1992Leaf 409
1992Leaf Gold409
1992Leaf Studio42
1992O Pee Chee 142
1992Score 575
1992Stadium Club 113
1992Stadium Club 875
1992Topps Gold38
1992Topps Gold Winner38
1992Topps Regular Issue38
1992Topps Traded20
1992Topps Traded Gold20
1992Upper Deck Regular447
1992Upper Deck Regular760
1993Fleer 60
1993Fleer Ultra52
1993Leaf 487
1993Pinnacle 147
1993Score 175
1993Score Select143
1993Stadium Club 325
1993Stadium Club 1st Day325
1993Topps Finest132
1993Topps Finest Refractors132
1993Topps Gold Inserts365
1993Topps Regular Issue365
1993Upper Deck Regular98
1994Bowman Regular Issue126
1994Donruss Regular Issue521
1994Fleer 507
1994Fleer Extra Bases285
1994Fleer Flair394
1994Fleer Ultra514
1994Leaf 72
1994Stadium Club 32
1994Stadium Club 1st Day32
1994Stadium Club Golden Rainbow32
1994Stadium Club Members Only32
1994Topps Finest107
1994Topps Finest Refractors107
1994Topps Gold211
1994Topps Regular Issue211
1994Upper Deck Collector's Choice402
1994Upper Deck Electric Diamond260
1994Upper Deck Regular260
1995Donruss Pure Power116
1995Donruss Regular Issue116
1995eTopps 84
1995Fleer 536
1995Fleer Ultra178
1995Fleer Ultra Gold Medalion178
1995Leaf 234
1995Stadium Club 456
1995Stadium Club 1st Day456
1995Stadium Club Members Only456
1995Stadium Club Video Replay246
1995Topps Embossed Golden Idol84
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