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Jose Canseco Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 1591
Jose Canseco Autograph
YearSetCard #
1981TCMA Buffalo Bisons16
1986Donruss Regular Issue39
1986Donruss Rookies22
1986Fleer 649
1986Fleer Update20
1986Topps Traded20
1987Donruss Regular Issue6
1987Donruss Regular Issue97
1987Fleer 389
1987Fleer 625
1987Fleer 628
1987Fleer 633
1987Fleer Headliners2
1987Topps Regular Issue620
1988Classic Red165
1988Classic Red197
1988Donruss Regular Issue302
1988Fleer 276
1988Fleer 624
1988Score 45
1988Starting Lineup Regular
1988Topps Regular Issue370
1989Bowman Regular Issue201
1989Classic Light Blue3
1989Classic Orange103
1989Donruss Bonus Cards5
1989Donruss Grand Slammers1
1989Donruss Regular Issue91
1989Donruss Regular Issue643
1989Fleer 5
1989Fleer 628
1989Fleer 634
1989Fleer All-Stars2
1989Score 1
1989Score 582
1989Score 655
1989Starting Lineup CooperstownNNO
1989Starting Lineup RegularNNO
1989Topps Regular Issue401
1989Topps Regular Issue500
1989Upper Deck Regular371
1989Upper Deck Regular659
1989Upper Deck Regular670
1990Bowman Regular Issue460
1990Fleer 3
1990Fleer 629
1990Fleer League Standouts4
1990Fleer World Series5
1990Fleer World Series10
1990Leaf 108
1990Score 375
1990Topps Regular Issue250
1990Upper Deck Regular66
1991Bowman Regular Issue227
1991Bowman Regular Issue372
1991Classic Series 219
1991Donruss Elite3
1991Donruss Regular Issue50
1991Donruss Regular Issue536
1991Donruss Showdown101
1991Fleer 5
1991Fleer All-Stars8
1991Fleer Provisions6
1991Fleer Ultra244
1991Leaf 182
1991O Pee Chee 18
1991Score 1
1991Score 398
1991Score 441
1991Score 690
1991Stadium Club 155
1991Topps Regular Issue390
1991Topps Regular Issue700
1991Upper Deck Regular155
1992Donruss Regular Issue548
1992Donruss Triple Play214
1992Fleer 252
1992Fleer 688
1992Fleer All-Stars24
1992Fleer Citgo13
1992Fleer Lumber Company5
1992Fleer Team Leaders19
1992Fleer Ultra110
1992Fleer Update59
1992Leaf 267
1992Leaf Gold267
1992Leaf Preview23
1992Leaf Studio222
1992Leaf Studio Heritage4
1992O Pee Chee 24
1992Score 500
1992Stadium Club 370
1992Stadium Club 597
1992Topps Gold100
1992Topps Gold401
1992Topps Gold Winner100
1992Topps Gold Winner401
1992Topps Kids115
1992Topps Regular Issue100
1992Topps Regular Issue401
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