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Dennis Boyd Baseball Card Checklist

Total cards: 49
Dennis Boyd Autograph
YearSetCard #
1980TCMA Elmira Pioneers4
1983YCMA Pawtucket Red Sox2
1984Donruss Regular Issue457
1984Fleer 393
1985Donruss Regular Issue151
1985Fleer 152
1985Topps Regular Issue116
1986Donruss Regular Issue50
1986Fleer 342
1986Topps Regular Issue605
1987Donruss Regular Issue51
1987Fleer 30
1987Topps Regular Issue285
1988Donruss Regular Issue462
1988Fleer 347
1988Score 121
1988Topps Regular Issue704
1989Donruss Regular Issue476
1989Fleer 82
1989Score 238
1989Topps Regular Issue326
1989Upper Deck Regular415
1990Bowman Regular Issue102
1990Fleer Update26
1990Leaf 159
1990Score 137
1990Score Traded24
1990Topps Regular Issue544
1990Topps Traded12
1990Upper Deck Regular484
1990Upper Deck Regular484
1990Upper Deck Regular749
1991Bowman Regular Issue456
1991Donruss Regular Issue194
1991Donruss Showdown193
1991Fleer 226
1991Fleer Ultra197
1991Leaf 167
1991Score 202
1991Stadium Club 142
1991Topps Regular Issue48
1991Upper Deck Regular359
1992Donruss Regular Issue447
1992Score 531
1992Stadium Club 99
1992Topps Gold428
1992Topps Gold Winner428
1992Topps Regular Issue428
1992Upper Deck Regular559
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